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Green REV Institute

Green REV Institute is created by people who believe that the quality of life depends on the quality of and observance of human rights, animal rights and absolute respect for the natural environment.

Mission and goals

The Foundation’s mission is to change and build the world in respect for the people, animals and climate. Contemporary agriculture has ceased to be the one that we used to know. It has become an industry, which does affect the quality of life and health of the people, contributes to climatic changes and objectification of animals. What happens is concentration of food production, the scale industrial agriculture is growing and the number of small, family farms is declining.


Care about health and high product quality has been replaced by the profit and loss account, and the fight for as low production costs as possible. Industrial agriculture changes the climate, makes people lose the right to live in a clean environment. After all, the right to live in a clean, safe, friendly environment, is a human right. What environment we are living in, what air we are breathing, how safe is the water we use – all this determines the quality of our lives. We have the right to be informed about what we eat, which products we use. We have the right to be informed about whether the available products are healthy and safe for us and our loved ones. We have the right to make informed choices!

In a store, restaurant, hotel, our rights – the right to information, to choose services and products – must be heard and respected. We have the right to this, because we want to live a healthy and safe life, because we want to protect our loved ones.

The law must follow our needs, social changes, must effectively protect us. We believe that business may be and often is socially responsible, that there are entrepreneurs who care for human rights, protect the natural environment, those who are not indifferent to the fate of animals.


The obligation of the state is to support business that operates responsibly and hold those who harm our health and the natural environment accountable. Can we expect this from the state?


Yes! For this reason, we have created Green Rev Institute. Because we want everyone to be able to live in a safe place, be able to have a healthy and safe diet.

Foundation's programs

The polluter must pay!
Monitoring and assessment of the European Commission's actions and the EU legislative process from the point of view of goals of the Paris Agreement, EU's Green Deal and From Farm to Fork strategies, and the treaty-based principle "the polluter pays" – so as to ensure that the law protects consumers, the environment, rural inhabitants as well as animal rights.
Active towards the farms
Support for local communities in enforcing their right to live in a clean environment, free from smell nuisance, with access to healthy water, without the risk of loss of value of their real estate as a result of establishing and operations of industrial farms. Because what environment we are living in determines the quality of our life.
Safe food
Gathering and analysis information about hazards related to marketed products. Publication of reports, showing opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses of the European policy in the food safety area and sales of other products. Preparation of de lege ferenda applications and specific solutions, because we always want to act practically.
We have the right to information
Monitoring of the legislative process and popularization of the idea of the right to information about products, the right to safe food and full access to goods and services. Our goal is to change the Regulation of the EP and the Council on transfer to consumers of the information about food in order to ensure that it supports consumers, and not manufacturers, because what matters here is safety.
Start acting!
Expert's support for politicians, public administration, non-governmental organizations in the field of the climate policy, human rights, animal rights from the point of view of the adverse impact of industrial agriculture and industrial animal husbandry on the natural environment, quality of life of people and well-being/rights of animals.
Women and climate
Strengthening the role of women as agents of change in the activities for climate. Creating programs and projects for women as decision makers. Cooperation with women's organizations in building the competencies of women, as a group particularly affected by the climate crisis. Studies and monitoring of changes caused by the climate crisis, subject to the situation and needs of women. Running programs and studies constituting the basis for data driven actions for women.

“First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you.
Then, they fight you. Then, you win”
~ Gandhi Mahatma

People of REV

Expert Council

Dobrosława Gogłoza
Member of the Council
– English philologist, defender of animal rights, co-author and long-term President of Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages), which, over a few years, has been transformed into an international organization operating in several states. Has many years of experience in building organizational strategies and communication campaigns. Presently, Head of Strategy in All Hands agency.
prof. Marcin Urbaniak
Member of the Council
– Ethician, cognitive scientist, zoopsychologist, social activist. Assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the Pedagogical University in Kraków. Investigates environmental and climatic ethics and animal rights. Secretary in the Polish Ethical Association. Since 2019 one of "Fair Trade Ambassadors". Member of the Ethical Commission for Experiments on Animals in Kraków.
mec. Karolina Kuszlewicz
Member of the Council
– Attorney-at-law, expert on protection of animals and nature, author of the blog On behalf of animals, the book "Prawa zwierząt. Praktyczny przewodnik" (Animal rights. A practical guide). Member of the Legislative Commission and the Team for Women at NRA. In 2017 awarded the first place in the ranking "Rising Stars – Lawyers Leaders of Tomorrow". In 2016 obtained a breakthrough ruling before the Supreme Court defending carps.
Katarzyna Wilkołaska
Member of the Council
– Lawyer, representative of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw for women. PhD student at the Department of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University. Team for Equal Treatment in the Office of the Ombudsman (2011-2019), assistant to Deputy Ombudsman Dr. Sylwia Spurek and coordinator of the working group Gender Equality at EQUINET (2017-2019).
Szymon Chojnowski
Member of the Council
– Vice-president of Świdnica, responsible for economic development, social policy, culture and cooperation with non-governmental organizations. A graduate of international relations at Collegium Civitas and doctoral studies at the Economic and Social College of the Warsaw School of Economics. Between 2008-2014 at the Ministry of Finance he was responsible for cooperation with international organizations and cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, the Council of Europe, and OECD.
Aga Maciejowska
Member of the Council
– CEO of Plan Be and Co-founder of She managed the Polish edition of the Silicon Valley accelerator - Founder Institute. Ambassador of the Gdańsk Starter Entrepreneurship Incubator and winner of the Central European Startup Award. Expert and juror at Chivas Venture. She acts for the benefit of Women as a mentor in the following programs: Startup Spark, Business in Women's Hands, TechLeaders.
Rick Holland
Member of the Council
– The founder, director of Confident Philanthropy, working to raise the bar for fundraising by working with social enterprises, charities, and donors across the globe — building strong relationships which solidify support, and changing the way we think about giving, and connecting. Creates impactful and transparent fundraising with a focus on environmental change, and has worked with Open Cages UK, the Good Food Institute, and Future Planet amongst many others.
dr hab. Piotr Krajewski
Member of the Council
– Economist. Director of the Institute of Economics at the University of Lodz. Former (2015-2018) director of the Institute of Economics Polish Academy of Sciences. His scientific research focuses on macroeconomics, including public finances and interdependencies between economic policy and environment.
Karolina Skowron
Member of the Council
– Executive Director of Akcja Demokracja. Previously, the director of the Polish branch of The Albert Schweitzer Foundation. International speaker on connecting feminism to animal rights. Creator of the Animal Center at the Women's Congress. Co-founder of the global Connections Alliance. Co-founder and main expert of the Parliamentary Group for the Protection of Farm Animals. Leader of the Polish Vegan Ladyboss group. Member of the Equality Parade Committee and the Women's Congress council.
Małgorzata Szadkowska
Member of the Council
– President of the Polish branch of the international organization Compassion in World Farming. Leads Compassion Poland since 2015. Previously coordinator and spokeswoman of the Fur Free Retailer anti-fur campaign in Poland - a project present in 25 countries. Member of the European Citizens Committee "End of the Cage Era". She has 15 years of experience in PR, communications and campaigns, including 8 years in the NGO section.
Dariusz Gzyra
Member of the Council
– Philosopher, writer, activist. After publishing the book "Thank You for Pig Eyes. How we hurt animals" (Krytyka Polityczna Publishing House 2018) he was nominated for the Paszporty POLITYKI award. Author of dozens of scientific articles. Lecturer at the Faculty of Artes Liberales, University of Warsaw, in the field of anthropozoology. Member of the Polish Ethical Society. Editor of the section Animal Rights Ethics of the scientific yearbook "Zoophilologica. Polish Journal of Animal Studies". TEDx speaker. Vegan since 1999.
prof. Andrzej Elżanowski
Member of the Council
– Zoologist, bioethicist, author of over a hundred scientific works, Chair of the Polish Ethical Society, associated with the Faculty of "Artes Liberales" of Warsaw University.


Sylwia Spurek
– Doctor of legal sciences, legal counsel, Member of the European Parliament (since 2019) and Deputy Chairwoman of the FEMM Commission, in the years 2015-2019 Deputy Ombudsperson. Author of the first draft act on preventing domestic violence (2003). As vice-director of the Office of the Government the Commissioner for Equal Treatment, coordinated the process of ratification of the Istanbul Convention (2014). Former Member of the Management Board of Equinet. Currently, in the European Parliament, member of FEMM and LIBE Commissions, EP Delegation for cooperation with Russia, China and EURONEST States. Academic and author of a few dozen publications on equal treatment.
Marcin Anaszewicz
– Lawyer, politologist, doctor of social sciences, President of the Management Board of REV Institute. In the years 2014-2019 Strategic Director in the Municipal Office in Słupsk, 2017-2019 President of the Institute of Democratic Thought. Founder and first vice-president of the Wiosna (Spring) political party (2019). Since 1995, has been investigating public and political communication. In the years 2003-2014 involved in the state and private enterprises sector, where participated in many restructuring projects as a member of management staff. In the period 2003-2006 spokesman of Poczta Polska as well as deputy director of the Department of Corporate Marketing at Poczta Polska. Political strategist.

Executive Team

Marcin Anaszewicz
– Lawyer, politologist, doctor of social sciences, President of the Management Board of REV Institute. In the years 2014-2019 Strategic Director in the Municipal Office in Słupsk, 2017-2019 President of the Institute of Democratic Thought. Founder and first vice-president of the Wiosna (Spring) political party (2019). Since 1995, has been investigating public and political communication. In the years 2003-2014 involved in the state and private enterprises sector, where participated in many restructuring projects as a member of management staff. In the period 2003-2006 spokesman of Poczta Polska as well as deputy director of the Department of Corporate Marketing at Poczta Polska. Political strategist.
Anna Spurek
– Graduate of the Krakow University of Economics and SGH Warsaw School of Economics, expert in business value management. Member of the Management Board and operations director of Green REV Institute. As an entrepreneur, promotes and implements the ideas of substitutes of plant origin for zoonotic materials, systems of restrictive certification of production technologies, caring for the environment, human and animal rights.
Morgan Janowicz
Partnership Coordinator
– Student of Computer Science at the CDV in Poznań and International Business at the Turku AMK in Finland. Member of the Green Party and the LGBTQI+ Council. She is a part of the Finnish organization Boost, which supports and inspires students from around the world. In her free time, she is involved in activities for women's rights and sexual and gender minorities.
Bartłomiej Gawrecki
National Advocacy Program Coordinator
– PhD student (discipline of legal science) at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences of the University of Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań, lawyer in one of Poznań's law firms. Passionate about economic law, travel and sport. Responsible for coordinating advocacy projects in the Foundation. He believes that grassroots work and solid education can change the world, especially the people who create it.
Zu Żabińska
Advocacy Project Coordinator
– 5th year student of veterinary medicine at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wroclaw and the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno, Czechia. Liaison Officer of IVSA Equine Community, where she combines her passion for education and her mission to raise awareness about behaviour and proper communication with animals. She is passionate about animal and human psychology, healthy nutrition, and travel. In REV she is responsible for coordinating the advocacy projects See Know Eat Repeat and From Meat to Plant.
Kinga Jaworska
Advocacy Project Coordinator
– 5th year student of law at Krakow University of Economics, member of legal team in one of Krakow corporations. Interested in trade policy and trade between the European Union and China. Privately she is an animal lover. At REV she is responsible for coordinating The New Chinese Deal project.
Piotr Urban
Project Coordinator
– A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, professionally involved in data analysis. In 2019, he was involved in the activities of the political party - Wiosna. Involved in activities aimed at building a stronger civil society and protecting animal rights. Volunteer at a shelter for homeless animals in Warsaw. Privately, big fan of travel, mountains, and cooking. In REV he is responsible for coordinating the project Map of the True Cost of Meat.
Kasia Plucińska
Project Coordinator
– Fifth-year MD Student at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Local Exchange Officer of International Federation of Medical Students Association IFMSA-Poland. Propagator of preventive medicine and lifestyle medicine ideas. Responsible for the health education program at Green REV Institute. Vegan food and culinary tourism passionate.
Agata Karlicka
Project Coordinator
– Graduate of the Institute of Polish Culture University of Warsaw and the Łódź Film School. She gained experience in media agencies, television, and realizing independent audiovisual productions and podcasts. She is an enthusiast of documentaries and reportages. In REV she is in charge of the preparation and coordination of productions and contact with the media.
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